Tuesday, June 29, 2004

another one bites the dust! 

yay! now photobucket is down, my day is complete!

Explains the big void where my logo used to be. There must be a way to have my logo on my page without using a site like photobucket, but it probably involves complicated computer geek stuff, with phrases like "hosting your own domain" or something like that.

K does want to upgrade our current DSL to some faster, juice-up DSL, which will allow him to play geeky computer games and give us something called a "permanent IP address." He tells me that then I will be able to host my own site. This probably means I'll have to learn more about web pages and html. sounds complicated and scary. I'm just a simple evil science chick, I'm not cut out for the fast paced world of web page development.

Really, I just wanted an online journal. I thought it would be simple...