Monday, June 21, 2004

ahhh...those crazy old men... 

This sort of happened to me once. I was driving the family minivan, and had my mom in the car with me. We were picking up one of my brothers from...a summer class he was taking, I think. Anyway, I had stopped because the old couple in the car in front of us had stopped. I figured he was dropping his wife off, or something. My mom and I started talking, when she looked front and gave a little shreek. The old guy was backing up and ran into us (did I mention that it was a brand new, EXPENSIVE minivan I was driving!)

We got out of the van, and he got out of the car and yelled at me: "didn't you see me backing up????"

There was no damaged to either of the cars, so we all went on our merry ways. But my mom and i still laugh about it. "didn't you see me backing up?"

no sir, didn't you see my red giant fucking minivan behind you? And again I say...punk ass old people!!!