Saturday, March 04, 2006

a picture not taken 

I love my new camera, but it is bigger and bulkier than my previous camera, so I can't just throw it into my purse and take it along with me where ever I go.

This has a downside.

Like today.

When I went to work.

There were 3 women sitting on the wall near the back entrance of the building, smoking. This was not odd.

What WAS odd, was that they were all wearing short black skirts or dresses, clunky boots, and fishnets. One of them from far away looked like a drag queen, until I realized that was her own blonde hair, teased out to eternity and sprayed frozen in place. The other two were wearing neon green wigs. all three had very goth makeup on.

one of the green wigged ones had a matching green lightening bolt in sharpie across her chest.

When they saw me, they laughed, and told me that they were cloning more of them "in there," indicating my building.

very very weird.

and I have recieved no good explanation for why they were hanging outside a lab building on a saturday afternoon. all I can think is, I must have missed a HELL of a party when I left on friday.