Monday, December 05, 2005

we're gonna party like it's your... 

oh yeah, it IS my birthday. and don't call me Shortie.

Sooo...this is the first day of that last year of my 20s. Not that my 20s were anything to get all woohoo about - I've spent most..I mean ALL of them in school. Thank you, grad school, for sucking away the best party years of my life.

Yesterday after shopping palooza, I finally got my ass in gear and cleaned. I hate cleaning, but I feel SOOO GOOD when it's done. Plus I get to chase Sadie around with the vacuum cleaner. HERE DOGGY DOGGY DOGGY! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

And then after a dinner of chicken and steak quesadillas (made from the meat formerly known as mystery) I put up christmas decorations. As I put up the tree, Sadie sat by the couch and stared at me with a mixture of curiosity, awe, and a little "what the FUCK is she doing now?" Kev helped by taking ornaments out of the box. Oh, and trying to grab my ass as I wrapped lights around the tree.

Got most of the decorations up. I have one box left, but I think it's mostly full of christmas card boxes. Yet ANOTHER christmas task I need to tackle! Oh yeah, I want addresses. If you got a card last year and HAVEN'T moved, then I have your address. But if you didn't get a card and want one, OR you've moved, email me your address.

So...yeah. Got the decorations up. And then by that time it was TECHNICALLY my birthday, so Kev and I had a little celebration of our own.

Good christ, I love that glass dildo. It's ability to give me orgasm after orgasm has never been riveled. Eventually I had to BEG Kev to stop because I couldn't handle it anymore. He relented, and I lay there gasping for a few seconds, before breaking down into convulsing sobs.

Oh yeah, it was good. Happy birthday TO ME!