Monday, December 26, 2005

make that CHEESEY crab dip! 

Christmas eve:

  1. sleep in
  2. crab dip
  3. seafood dinner
  4. Narnia*
  5. crab dip
  6. church
  7. crab dip

*wherein we learn that all British people, even small children are born with innate skills in handling achaic weaponry and talents in leading armies into battle and winning said battle. Well done, British people!


  1. wake up my brother
  2. wake him up again
  3. is my brother up yet?
  4. open presents
  5. very late breakfast
  6. crab dip
  7. open stockings
  8. visit grandpa
  9. pick up grandma
  10. presents
  11. crab dip
  12. dinner (ham!)
  13. dessert (cannolis!)
  14. Polar Express
  15. take grandma home
  16. crab dip

Hope you all had a merry christmas and all the crab dip you could eat!