Wednesday, December 14, 2005

crock pot delight 

I should post this on my recipe site, but I'm too lazy to try to figure out amounts. This morning, I mixed chicken broth, soy sauce, lime and orange juices, ketchup, garlic, ginger, and brown sugar, and poured it all over chicken legs in the crock pot and let it cook all day.

OH MY GOD! The chicken pretty much fell off the bones when we tried to tong it out of the pot, but served over rice with a side of snow peas...mmmm...so good!

blogger bitching

why has blogger taken away the timestamp editor? I NEED TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE DATES ON MY POSTS! It's how I organize my recipe site. DAMMIT! so STUPID! WHY DID THEY DO THIS????

please go away forever

Why is Howard Stern still relevant? Seriously, I don't understand his popularity. HE INTERVIEWS STRIPPERS AND PORN STARS...EVERY DAY. While this may make him some kind of hero to guys, please, everyone, stop acting like he is at all socially relevant. He is NOT.

say this over and over again all day, for fun!



Foreskin! (probably not safe for work)


Kev told me that I did not NEED to watch an informative video on the foreskin...I am HOME SCHOOLED!

another favorite (yet unrelated) Kevinism- "Emeril could probably squat on top of the counter and take a shit, and those people will STILL scream and applaud like crazy"

email correspondance...or "what I do instead of work"

from Kev: VEGETARIAN - Ancient Indian word meaning "poor hunter".

with Julie:

me - the myserious bump on my neck was NOT, in fact, polio. It was an ingrown hair. which Kev popped and dug out for me. and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is TRUE LOVE.

Julie - But would he have popped it and dug it out for you if it were on your ASS? I think THAT is true love. ;)

Me - uummmm...yeah. we've both done that for each other.

wove....TWWOOOO wove...

Julie - Leads to Mawwiage. ;)

Me - Mawwiage is what bwings us hew today