Monday, December 12, 2005

cookies part deux 

another day, another big batch of cookies. I looooooooove the neiman marcus urban legend cookies. Surely you got that email 8 years ago. you know the one, with the man/woman who ate a meal at neiman marcus department store, and loved the cookies so much that he/she asked for the recipe, and was told by the waitress that it would cost "two fifty." then the protagonist ended up with a $250 addition to their check instead of the $2.50 they thought it would cost. to take revenge, they spread the recipe across the internets.

total bullshit. check it out here, if you want to read the history. although interestingly enough, the recipe that neiman marcus posts on its website to combat the urban legend is NOT the recipe that got emailed to everyone and their sister. I make THAT recipe. Which is a HUGE recipe. and I make one and a half times the recipe to give me an uber-big batch. How many cookies is that??

6 1/2 dozen cookies later

about 6 1/2 dozen. Ummm...minus 2. for...uh..."testing" purposes. yeah. for SCIENCE.

here's a close up, for Yoli.
closeup of cookies