Saturday, December 10, 2005

chocolate saturday 

Busy busy busy busy day.

10am - dress rehearsal for our choir service of music. still putting my trombone skills to good use - I haven't embarassed myself, at least.

12:15pm - on a tip from a woman at curves, I find a store called Amtrec. It's a warehouse - you know all those catalogs that little kids get at school to sell christmas stuff and raise money? Well, whatever doesn't sell goes to this warehouse, and they sell it for dirt cheap. Most of the stuff is crap, but I bought a bunch of really nice wrapping paper (12 rolls!), ribbons, bows, and tissue paper, as well as some wooden christmas trays I can fill up with cookies and give as gifts. all for $25!

1:20pm - Farmer's Market! My biggest Atlanta weakness! I need ingredients to make this for the lab christmas party on friday. and also found a way to spend ALOT more money on...goodies. Challah bread, large red juicey grapefruits, terra chips, wine, fresh spinach tortellini, SO much other stuff, and a very large fillet of cod.

2:30pm - stop in at publix to buy baking supplies for candy and cookies. I have a BIG list this year - I give it all away to friends as gifts, and then take a big tray home to my family.

3:00pm - liquor store to buy a small bottle of chambord for my truffles, and a bottle of vodka for....me, I guess.

3:30pm - get home, unload groceries, unload and stack dishwasher. there is not enough room for all the dishes...oops! decide to relax for a bit and let the dishes wash, then I can unload them, put in more dishes, and clean up in preparation for chocolate making.

3:45pm - I'll just relax on the couch a bit, maybe watch some tv.

3:48pm - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:00pm - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz mmfmffff mmm? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:30pm - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:45pm - zzzzzzzzzzz...huh?

5:00pm - start heating cream and melting chocolate for chocolate pretzel rods and truffles

chocolate pretzel rods, with chocolate jimmies and coconut. still awaiting a drizzle of white chocolate.
chocolate pretzel rods

future truffles
on the way to being truffles

6:30pm - make dinner! cut up, batter, and fry cod, roast some red potatoes, and make salad.

7:15pm - eat my fucking awesome dinner. holy crap, we're both stuffed. definately putting fried cod on my "hey, I can do this and I'll do it again!" list.

god I'm tired. even with my nap. Tomorrow I will start on the cookies. My cookie To Do list is:

1. those neiman marcus urban legend chocolate chip cookies
2. oatmeal cookies
3. white chocolate cherry cookies (or bars...I haven't decided yet)
4. ricotta cheese cookies

I wish I could make pizzelles, but my pizzelle maker is in storage.

tomorrow is church, work, and then COOKIE MAKING!