Monday, November 14, 2005

tee hee! 

Someone found my site searching for Ty Pennington Dick Size on yahoo.

There is a lot of information on my site (shut up! there is!), but sadly, it is lacking the ONE crucial piece of information that person was looking for.

And who ever you are, anonymous searcher, should you ever find that piece of information...

would you share it with me? :)

more fun search terms:

chicken bondage (MSN) - old standby. I was #1 for this for a while.

greiving squirrels (MSN) - because they lost their nuts?

"julie's free blowjobs" (Yahoo) - Julie!

"mom giving blowjobs" (Google) - MOM?????

sex anal barn (MSN) - everything must go! big sale at the anal barn!

esc sexy (Google) - why thank you!