Wednesday, November 30, 2005

rolling rolling rolling 

I didn't knit at all today. Instead I made turkey soup* and some crab dip for dinner and then played Katamari until my thumbs got sore.

Is that a bad thing? I might be addicted. I think the King of the Universe is a bit of a tool, though.

*Holy crap, you saved your turkey bones, right? You didn't just throw them out, DID YOU? That shit is LIQUID GOLD! I boiled mine all last night with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, peppercorns, bayleaf, rosemary, and some thyme. This morning I had a lovely golden stock waiting for me. And my condo smelled WONDERFUL! please oh PLEASE someone come up with a turkey stock scented candle!

I hope Karma is a bitch and she shows up SOON!

Someone stole the second half of my roast beef sub last night. It was gone when I went for it at lunch.


I suspect the cleaning crew. Lots of people have stuff stolen, but the wrappers are never in the garbage. Lots of people are here late, and would notice a few undergrads sniffing around, but the cleaning crew is in REALY late.

I have half a mind to spike some leftovers with ex-lax.

a bunch of our post-doc's frozen dinners have been stolen, too. This shit is getting expensive. My advisor has had enough - she's requesting a lock. A REAL LOCK. Not one held on by sticky tape. BOLT THAT SHIT IN THERE!