Sunday, October 23, 2005

She's crafty! 

and she's JUST MY TYPE! HA! now you'll be singing that all day like I have.

Anyway, the craftiness never stops around here. Since I had to drag my sewing machine out to sew the back pad on the rocking chair, I figured I might as well take care of some other projects. My winter comforter has had tears in the seam for a long time now - finally fixed that.

Annnd...the rubber bands I've been using to hold my knitting needles just weren't cutting it any more. So a while back I bought some fabric for a NEW project!

stitch and bitch needle holder

And I KNOW you are all drooling over the fabulous flamingo motiff!

stitch and bitch needle holder

stitch and bitch needle holder

can you believe they had both yellow AND green awesome flamingo drapery fabric, and they hadn't been snatched up yet? ALL MINE! And the purple houndstooth really sets them off.

You're jealous. I know. It's OK.