Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Kev labeled me - I'm his property now. Guess where? heehee!

I would like to assure my male readers that my breasts are MORE than capable of losing a few inches and still being quite boobaliscious. I could stand to lose a few more in that region. Maybe then I could buy normal bras in normal stores. And not the industrial stregth, underwired boob-slings I currently wear.

Speaking of...I somehow miss the fact that I passed 40,000 recently. Whoops! You'll have to wait for 50,000 to get the nekkid pics. Sorry! I don't make the rules!


Where was I?

I am attempting to write. I am entering the fiiiinal stretch of my grad carreer. THANK FUCKING GOD! So my presence in blogville will be sketchy. I'll still post, and I'll still be around...but my commenting will be (and truthfully already has been) limited.

This is a good thing, believe me.

Ummmm...what else. Rented Garden State. It was...weird! But I like Zach Braf. When is Scrubs coming back, dammit?

ps: blogger spell check wanted to replace "boobaliscious" with "publicist." hmmmmmm....