Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a geek among geeks 

In the lab, talking to two other lab monkeys, and our computer guy.

me: the tea I got has directions for making tea on each individually wrapped tea bag!

lab monkey #2: so? maybe some people need more help with making tea

me: sure, it's nice to know how long to leave the tea bag in there. but there's an arrow from the little cartoon tea bag to the cup, like I don't understand the concept of brewing tea at all.

lab monkey #1: that's pretty funny.

me: it's like that guy from hitchhiker's guide to the universe, who thinks it the end of the world or something because of instructions on a box of toothpicks.

lab monkey #1: huh?

computer guy: sorry

lab monkey #2: didn't read that one....

me: what??? you're all geeks, and NONE of you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide???? that's craziness!

lab monkey #1: just never got around to reading it.

me (to #1): YOU! YOU WENT TO TECH! you should be ASHAMED of yourself! That book should have been required reading.

lab monkey #1: I know...I really should read it...

lab monkey #2: I don't really consider myself a geek...

computer guy: turns back to fixing computer

me: you guys suck.