Friday, October 07, 2005


Today I don't have much to post. Continue enjoying the answers to Ask the Evils below, of course.

As for now I will leave you with random bits of asshattery that I've found. I'll start with one, and add to it if neccessary...

Vaccines against HPV, the virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer, a disease which kills 274,000 women every year, should be available within the year.


now for the asshattery: "Researchers believe a vaccine could work best if given before adolescence, but critics fear this could encourage under-age sex. "

oh yes, vaccinating children against something that could kill them later in life will cause them to JUMP IN THE SACK FASTER! WOOHOO! because THAT'S the ONLY reason more kids aren't have sex these days...


Today's the day...for JIHAAAAAAAD!

Ummm...and where do they post these positions...Monster.com???