Monday, September 12, 2005

worms of mass destruction 

My tote bag is almost done. I'm halfway through the second strap for it. The bag itself is mega-huge. I keep forgetting to take a picture of it - I'll have to do "before/after" with the felting process.

I realized that I am OUT of heartworm medication...ack! Sadie's gone over a week without it! But I have nooo budget for paying a huge amount at the vets for it. So I'm buying the generic version, apparently illegally, from a web site called "PetShed." Illegal, it seems, because buying prescription drugs from other countries, even drugs for your pet, is still apparently frowned upon. PetShed is in Australia. HI AUSTRALIA! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHEAP, GENERIC, HEARTGUARD! Even with shipping, it costs less than half what I'd pay at the vet.

And WHY IS HEARTGUARD STILL A PRESCRIPTION??? I can get Frontline flea medicine, which is MUCH MUCH DEADLIER WHEN MISUSED without a prescription. I know heartguard isn't deadly because once Sadie got into the cabinet I store all her stuff in and ate 4 months worth of the stuff. oooo...I was PISSED! But the emergency vet lady told me on the phone to not worry unless she starts showing unusual symptoms. LIKE WHAT? UNUSUALLY RESISTANT TO HEARTWORM???? Stupid expensive dog.


High Five!

anyway, we'll see if I get raided by Homeland security. It's not like they're doing anything ELSE useful. I'VE GOT MEDICINE OF HEARTWORM MASS DESTRUCTION! QUICK! LOCATE MY LIBRARY BOOK HISTORY!

Speaking of wastes of space...BUH-BYE, DUMBASS! I think the more appropriate headline would use "dangerously incompetant" instead of "embattled," but then that's just my opinion.

Wow, I've got no real coherent thoughts today. Except an idea from the comments in Sloth's site about making fuzzy blog-friend bracelet. Yes...yes...excellent. I'LL MAKE MEEEEELLLIIOOONNS! MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

step one: knit bracelets

step two: sharks with lasers

step three: WORLD DOMINATION! (ooorrrrr...profit. either one would be good, really)