Tuesday, September 20, 2005

taking a dive 

I was going to blog more about my frustrations with my supposedly "quick" and "easy" project and paper that is turning out to be more and more NOT "quick" and "easy."

Or I could blog about how my knitpicks yarn came in today! And that I just started the smaller Knitty Satchel. Hooray!

Or I could blog about how I had another Curves weigh in today, and while I'm not losing any weight, my thighs continue to drop inches at an alarming rate, a rate way higher than any other part of my body. All together, I've lost 13 inches from my thighs - 6.5 inches from each. Pretty soon I will be a big ball of fat supported by pencil legs.

But what I WILL blog about is how 10 minutes ago, I finished taking Sadie for her last walk and poop of the day, with Kev keeping guard to make sure I'm not harrassed by perverts. I came back to where he was standing, at the top of the few steps leading up to the condos, and started up the steps, when I caught the toe of my flip flops on the ground, broke the toe strap, forcing my foot all the way forward, causing me to completely lose my balence, and falling face first on to the concrete steps.

My hands and elbow saved my face. My right elbow is sore, but otherwise OK. No damage to palms of hands.


I have a huge scrape on my thigh, above my knee.

And...completely tore of the main callus on the bottom of my right foot.

It actually only slightly stings right now...but BOTH of these injuries are going to hurt like a SONUVABITCH tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'm going to walk - the callus was on the ball of my foot, where all my weight is put at the end of each step action.

Not good.

errrgh. my foot is REALLY starting to hurt. I cleaned it out and was liberal with the betadine. One of our undergrads in the lab got a cut on his foot over the summer that turned into a staph infection. YIKES!

Would bathing in betadine be wrong???

Ouch. Please excuse me, Kev is offering me some drugs.

ps: stupid blogger not letting me publish! "try again in 10 minutes" FUCK YOU! I'M HURT! AND IT'S LATE! AND THE DRUGS ARE KICKING IN! Will try again in the morning. Hey...maybe with pictures! and...purple elephants dancing on my coffee table with the happy bunny and green...

damn. these are good drugs.