Saturday, September 10, 2005


The retreat was fun! Got there around 5:30 with my bottle of wine and chocolate cake. Sat and drank and munched while everyone trickled in.

Can I just say OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT CAKE IS THE BEST GODDAMNED CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!! It was instant orgasm for everyone there. Beth, who was the reason I made the cake in the first place because of her gluten allergy, DEMANDED that I email her the recipe. I got lots of requests for it, actually. Later that night, a guy from another group staying at the calvin center tried a small piece and asked me to write out the recipe for him. I hope I got it right from memory, after a few glasses of wine! He has my email, so if I wrote something like "...then take the goat down to jiffy lube..." he can get in touch with me.

I posted the recipe here, and it's featured in my "recipe of the day" in the sidebar. I strongly suggest you all go out and make it RIGHT NOW! It looks more complicated than it is. You don't even need a fancy double boiler. Just do what I did - a pot of simmering water and a couple really big bowls. I am soooooo greatful to Sunni for the recipe, and will have to think of some very nice way of thanking her :)

Anyway, we played a couple of rounds of music and biblical jeapordy, which my team sucked at, but we still won quality prizes of rubber monster finger puppets and gold-esque adjustable rings. YOU ARE JEALOUS!

We stayed up WAY too late drinking and laughing and eating....lots of eating. Our new associate pastor was there with us, and I found out, disturbingly enough, that he's YOUNGER THAN ME!!! I AM SOOO OOOOOLD!

Today was spent in rehearsals - we've started advent music! ack! holidays! I am clinging to summer with all my strength, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I made friends with some geese on the lake. Literally. The started honking when Jess and I approached so we honked back. This either made them happy or seriously pissed them off (how can you tell with geese, really?) because they followed us around the lake. The gander got pretty close - close enough to bite at my hand. Stupid geese. It was funny, though, the more we honked back at them, the more interested in us they were.

ESC: the goose whisperer.

There was an evacuee family staying at the center. They had gotten out before the hurricane hit, but they had lost everything. It was a huge family. They were musicians, too, and had lost their instruments. What a perfect choir mission! We're going to see what we can do for them. They were just the nicest people, and even though I didn't get a chance to talk to them as much as some other people in the choir, I still got a big hug from the mother - I wanted to cry. I WANT TO DO MORE! Our church is also going to set up an area for a family. I signed up to help provide toiletries, bedding, clothing, etc. I have a ton of acrylic yarn laying around, I should start on an afghan!

insert non-awkward transition between two completely unrelated topics here

We signed up for broadband tonight - Best buy is running a sweet deal through comcast - with rebates, modem and install kit are free, plus you get a $50 best buy card (in the mail...poop!) and the service is only $20 a month for 6 months. Then goes up to basically what we're paying for DSL now. Sooo...we'll save some money and get faster internet. sweet. Kev will install it tomorrow. Surely there will be no difficulties....

I am lacking in sweaty hot monkey love. Tonight I will demand satisfaction. He must comply. COMPLY!