Wednesday, September 14, 2005

post of frothy rage and some random bits 

Today really REALLY sucked. Let's not talk about today.

Bag lady
My bag was a big hit....BUT...I'm a little concerned. The felting isn't as even as I had hoped it would be. The top and bottom are spot on, but the middle section is still not there. Can I re-felt? Does anyone know? KNITTER POWERS, ACTIVATE!

Whatever I WANT to do! GOSH!
How lame and behind the times am I? Kev and I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite tonight. IDIOT! GOSH!

A friend of mine told me that we wouldn't really laugh while watching it, but as soon as it was over, we'd start cracking up. This was true.

"You know, there's like a butt-load of gangs at this school. This one gang kept wanting me to join because I'm pretty good with a bo staff."


Why do you go fuck yourself?
Anyone else annoyed by those "have a happy period" commercials? The only time I've ever been happy about my period is when I was a little bit worried that I wasn't going to GET one. You think a PAD is going to make me happy??? NOT UNLESS IT COMES WITH PERCOCET, BITCH!

A lot of commercials are irritating me these days. There's some kind of painkiller war going on. I hate the one with the EXTREME closeup of the woman's face, spreading paranoia that ibuprofen could be EATING YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT! YOU WOULDN'T KNOW! YOU'D DROP DEAD ONE DAY! OH MY GOD! FUCKING IBUPROFEN!!!! So even though it worked perfectly well, she switched to tylanol, which couldn't pain kill it's way out of a tissue. Leave me and my stomach dissolving ibuprofen and aleeve alone.

The commercial I love above all others is the AARP ad with Ping. The guy who clones himself. YES! I WOULD LIKE A PING OF MY VERY OWN! How cute is Ping? All commercials should have Ping in them!

random computer bugs
this is weird...my cut and paste don't work...UNLESS I open up the clipboard. Just by having it open, I can ctrl-C and ctrl-V. But next time I reboot, it won't work again, and I'll have to open up the clipboard.

Anyone know anything about this? WHY DOES MY LAPTOP GET WEIRDO BUGS???


shut up. GOSH!

serenity now
There was a lot of rage in this post.

So let's all just relaaaaxxx...with a Sadie pic! This is what Sadie does while I'm sitting on the couch on my laptop.

are you done yet?

OK...are you done yet??? It's "me" time now!