Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a day of gauze ***update**** 

very ouchy today. but I picked up some CVS triple-antibiotic PLUS pain killer (sweet!) today, as well as the NON-STICK gauze and some medical tape. I am a ONE WOMAN WALKING 1ST AID KIT, BITCH!

blog news

I replaced my "disturbing searches" section on my side bar with an "esc recommends" with some of my fav links. Got a link to suggest? PUT IT ON YOUR OWN BLOG, DAMMIT! no, seriously, just email it to me (CLICK THE EMAIL BUTTON! IT'S RIGHT UP THERE ON THE SIDEBAR! I DESIGNED IT MYSELF AND EVERYTHING!).

Hate my recommendations? I don't care! :)

this one goes out to all the truly geeky out there

I have a Toshiba e355 Pocket PC which I really like, but I'm not getting as much use out of as I'd hoped. What would REALLY help is an internet connection, but I'm not paying to modem up that sucka. What I WANT is to give wireless capability to it, so I can use it at home, or anywhere I can pick up wifi.

The only pda wifi card I can find out there is a Sandisk...which happens to NOT be compatable with the e355 model. bitches.

My idea is to purchase a USB adaptor cord, and then get a USB wireless plug. But I'm not sure if there's Pocket PC software to make that possible. Are there ANY uber-geeks out there that have any solutions? And no, "get another/better pda" is NOT an option! I want to keep this an "under $50" expense.

Any ideas? If you DON'T know, you don't have to guess, or whatever. I'm perfectly capable of doing the hours of google searches myself. I'm just being somewhat lazy, and hoping someone out there already figured this shit out.

************UPDATE! WARNING! NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!******************

I've got pics of my stupidity wounds. I'll post them below, but DON'T LOOK and then BITCH ABOUT "EWWWW, GROSS, WHY DID YOU POST THESE??" If you dont' want to see them, don't look!


are you sure???

alright then...

my thigh


and my foot


Grody, no?

OK, a la boingboing, I will leave you with a "unicorn chaser"

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