Thursday, September 01, 2005

...and now for something... 

..completely different.

I would love to change the mood here...but seriously, I got NUTHIN'! We're headed to 'bama tomorrow to spend the long weekend with Kev's family. wooHOOO! More sex on the back of a 4-wheeler, baby! In the woods! With 3 dogs watching! Does it GET any more redneck? I DON'T THINK SO!

But today has been super busy in the lab, as I try to get things done so my lack of coming in this weekend won't result in projects getting pushed back. AND I have a ton of things to get done today: workout, clean (I hate going away and coming back to a scuzzy house), clean out my car (while we're there, Kev will be changing the oil and I want to give my car the full hand wash, polish, and wax it's been deprived of for years. yes...I'm giving my car a hand job), give stinky Miss Sadie a bath, and...oh yeah...pack.

Soooo...I'm going to try an experiment. And if it works, maybe it will become a permanent feature. If it fails miserably, then we will never speak of this again.

In chatting with Jamie last night, she jokingly suggested that Kev and I should have a relationship advice column. HAHAHAHAHAAAA! I am SO NOT QUALIFIED! Also, I seem to have earned the title of "blogland's resident anal sex expert," and seriously...I have GOTTEN QUESTIONS! ABOUT ANAL SEX! Love it...just...love it.

So an "ask the evilsciencechick" might be fun...and I MIGHT be able to convince Kev...aka "evilcomputerguy" to chime in, too. So please specify if it's a question for him, me, or both of us.

Sooo...in comments, in email, anonymously (since Sloth's anonymous secret post was so popular and FANTASTIC!)...ask WHATEVER you want. Questions about relationships (no guarentees there), science (umm...none there either), my life...NO HOLDS BARRED! ask ANYTHING!

Of course, I retain the right to not answer.

And please, no questions that you ask just to piss people off, like "WHY DO YOU SUPPORT KILLING BABIES? HUH? WE SHOULD CALL YOU EVILBABYKILLER!" So shut up. And besides, babies are tasty and go well a side of mashed garlic taters and a nice Sauvignon Blanc.


As I will probably not post over the weekend, you have until....neeexxxxt...let's say tuesday afternoon.

And again...if no one ask any questions, I will delete this post and deny all knowledge. DENY! EVEN UNDER TORTURE!