Monday, August 08, 2005


I just found out that none of the Ikea links here work. I'm not sure why. Ikea must not like people linking to their site. but if you're really interested, just go to ikea.com and find them yourself - it's not hard.

This morning we celebrated N's birthday with strawberry ice cream shortcakes! hooray for liquid nitrogen! this time we went fancier. I used a recipe I found for strawberry ice cream, and made the custard mix for it Sunday.

Today was also our lab trip to Ikea (very productive day, huh?). The one thing I REALLY REALLY WANTED...was a rail with S-hooks to hang my kitchen utensils on. But guess what they were fresh out of? Poop!

They also had a great kitchen faucet for $29, which was too good a deal to pass up. BUT just when I went back to get it...their computers went down. Apparently, they have to "order" it from the warehouse. Stupid! And I couldn't just go to the warehouse and get it myself. I had people waiting for me, and a cartload of stuff I'd already planned on buying, so I admitted defeat and left.

BUT...what does that all mean? ANOTHER TRIP TO IKEA SOON! HOORAY!

what DID I get?

two pillows for my couch, in blue
a table top lazy susan
a mortar and pestle
a set of 3 cork trivets
hardward knobs and handles for my kitchen and bathroom cabinets
a hanging shoe organizer

all for $39.

I rock.

and I'm DROOOLING over some flooring and countertops. Maybe...a few months...


I have completely ruined...RUINED all my efforts at Curves for the past MONTH by scarfing down not one, but TWO swedish cinnamon rolls (what makes them swedish, anyway? I didn't taste any lingonberries...).

mmmmmm...sugar rush.......