Saturday, August 27, 2005

running around in circles 

deja vu

Last wednesday, I went around to different labs looking for a specialized nylon mesh to separate blots in a single hyb tube during hybridization.

Everyone I talked to nodded their head..

"oh yeah! the mesh! looks like...mosquito netting!"

"yeah! so...do you have any?"

"oh...nope! don't think so"

this happened several times. Eventually I gave up and tried another tactic for my hybridization.

Today I drove all the way out to bum fuck lilburn to an upholstry and fabric warehouse, looking for supplies for my chair project. I needed to replace the mesh (mesh! again!) that separates the springs from the padding of the seat. Surely they would have it. I even took the old piece with me, as a reference.

The sales guy I talked to nodded his head...

"Oh, sure! mesh! nooo...we don't carry that. what you CAN use is a really heavy duty stiff burlap. That's what they use nowadays."

"sooo...you have that here?"

"nooo...we dont' sell that any more. you can walk down the sidewalk to the furniture reupholstering shop. he might sell you some."

well, I'll spare you the details...that guy didn't have anything either.

So off to a regular fabric store to buy some regular old burlap. I decided to just get some cardboard and wrap the burlap around it a few times to use as the divider. Then Aimee calls. She suggests instead of cardboard, I use [some material i can't remember the name of, but is used to make the brims of baseball hats]. They should definately have it there, just ask...it should be by the [other stuff I can't remember].

So I ask the clerk for [baseball hat material].

"oh..yeah...someone came in asking for that just last night!"

"do you have it?"

"ummm...let me check in the back.........


so I just bought the burlap and some padding. There are forces conspiring against me reupholstering this chair.

Special Plea from Kev

Kev wants me to send a request out to blogland for recipes for injectable marinades that are low in fat.

I maintain that any marinade can be injectable, as long as it's not chunky. But there you go. So if any of you hard core grillers have a super secret recipes for injecting your chicken, send it to me and I'll post it on the internets.

Picture pages, Picture pages!

knit poncho
the poncho I finished last week. Not the greatest lighting...but you can see the rich dark colors...and there's a metalic thread woven through the mohair/acrylic blend.

balcony visitor
I was out harvesting some rosemary when I saw that I had a visitor. I hope she stays a long time and eats all the nasty little buggies that eat my plants!