Tuesday, August 16, 2005

knit nonsense 

mmmmm...chocolate cake

No reason to post the cake. Just thought I'd make you drool a bit.

I just got my confirmation emails from Etsy, but when I clicked on the links to confirm, I was informed that my profile was already confirmed.

Great. I had emailed customer service, maybe they took care of it. But SCREW YOU ETSY! I'VE SPENT MONEY ALREADY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I have been spending money I shouldn't at KnitPicks, helpfully suggested by Julie. DAMN HER!

I ordered some yarn to make the farmer's market tote (in fern, carrot, and snickerdoodle colors), and then, because orders over $30 get free shipping, added a cheap pattern and yarn for a beanie hat. Shut up, you know you want one.

Thus I delve deeply into the world of "patterns." I will probably fail miserably, and end up curled into a fetal possition in the corner of my living room, crying softly. I know I'm already in trouble because I had to ask our lab goddess to explain to me in the tote pattern, where exactly the bottom of the bag came into play. Ohhh...now I have to learn to pick up stitches.

I also have to head to Michael's to pick up circular and double pointed needles. MORE MONEY!

I can only dream that one day I will attain the level of skill that the fabulous Illana has - good lord, that girl can knit. I need to stop reading her blog, really, because before I found her (or more accurately, she found me. probably searching for anal sex stories, you dirty dirty girl) I was quite content to sew simple scarves in furry and fun yarns. DAMN HER!