Tuesday, August 02, 2005

in the meantime, she can read the classifieds 

No stinky surprises this morning, and she kept down the rice and canned food mix I fed her for breakfast.

Hopefully, there will be nothing gross waiting for me when I get home. There are newspapers covering her crate and the whole floor area of the sun room - so I hope if there is a surprise, it will be a contained one.


Is it next week yet? I'd really like for it to be next week, because on monday, we're taking a LAB TRIP TO IKEA! So far, this is not advisor sanctioned. We debated whether or not to tell her, but figured if she walked in on monday afternoon and her entire lab was GONE, she might get suspicious. So we'll probably tell her, but blame it on Brenda.

Brenda is leaving us - she got a post-doc position at MIT.


I am REALLY going to miss her. Even though our projects have been very different, we still help each other out a lot. Also, she's been a good friend to me - calming me down when I break down in tears. And I've calmed HER down the few times SHE'S broken down. She's probably the person in the lab I get along with the best. There's still another grad student, A, who's a couple years younger. It's not that A and I don't get along...it's just that I think we're very different people. Brenda and I have always gotten along swimmingly. I think we have the same sense of humor. And we have the BEST late in the day, only people left in the lab, non-scientific discussions. Including a HYSTERICAL conversation in which I tried to describe and then DRAW OUT what an uncircumcised penis looks like. BWAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! That was great. We also share the same non-shame in discussing the most intimate and delicate things, such as periods and cramps, detailed surgical procedures, and boobs.


I'm going to miss her like crazy.

Next wednesday will be her last day. Saturday, our advisor is throwing a pot luck BBQ for her. It will be a bittersweet farewell: good, because it proves that there IS life after grad school, and bad, because I think I will be lonely in the lab without her.

ANYWAY, we're using that as an excuse to play hooky for an afternoon and check out the new IKEA, maybe splurge on some swedish meatballs. Mmmmmmm!

shameless plugs for the recipe site:


Riz posted a DELCIOUS sounding enchilada recipe.