Wednesday, August 17, 2005

an evening of photos 

I'm sure you're all DYING to know how we celebrated Kev's birthday. Well, let's go over some highlights.

It was a quiet affair. Dinner at home. I made Kev's all time favorite meal, chicken parmesan, with a side of pasta.

the chicken:
parmesan chicken

the pasta:
big bowl of pasta
see what a mess my stove is? this is why I don't make it very often, I dirty ALOT of dishes, and it makes a HUGE MESS!

Kev likes a BIIIIIG plate.
a delicious meal

afterwards, we decided to let the food digest a bit. Kev played his game, and passed out on the couch. I HAD had a few glasses of pinot noir, which might have had something to do with that...

After our dinner had settled a bit, and I managed to drag my ass off the couch, it was time for the birthday cake!

well, birthday CHEESEcake.

and after THAT well....there was a little of this...
red lace

which led to ALOT of this...

you should see my back! no tank tops for me for a few days. BAD KEVIN! VERY BAD!!!

awwww...I can't be mad...look how CUTE HE IS!
My sweetie