Friday, August 26, 2005

another day older and deeper in debt 

Once again I went to my advisor's office with all the wonderful things I had done this week. Gotten results (well, 50% of the results) from my latest 2D gel, I'm a few hours away from confirming a strain construction, I came up with and began implementing a FASTER way of completing the rest of my strains.

What DIDN'T I do? Start on my paper. It is REALLY hard for me to switch gears so quickly, esepecially to a project I finished two years ago. So to have all this stuff going on with my latest project, and to THEN start thinking critically about the old one...my brain just sort of collapses. But I think now that I have a solid plan for the rest of my strain construction, and soon I can just go into data collection mode (which is kind of mindless, actually, the construction of the strains is the brain twisting hard part), I'll really be able to sit down and concentrate.

So what did she say?

I'm not spending enough hours in the lab.

GAH! this happens about every other time I sit down with her.

ok, yes, this week has been bad. I haven't been feeling 100%. But I have NEVER planned out my week by the hour. I have things I need to get done, and I stay in the lab until I finish them. Strain construction especially can play havoc on my lab hours. Some days I'm here a really long time. Some days, I only have a few hours of work to do. That's just the way it is. But it's really discouraging to take a bunch of positive results to her, and then instead of her being HAPPY, she just bitches that I'm not in the lab enough this week.

I suppose what I should be doing is spending those extra hours reading and writing...but that I can't do in the lab. We do have use of an office down the hall. But there is another grad student using it to write her paper - A. A stresses the hell out of me - she's just wound so tight, especially when she's stressed and writing.

I'll stop now before I get Dooced.

So what does that leave me? I could work from home...BUT THAT WOULD BE LESS HOURS IN THE LAB NOW WOULDN'T IT??? I suppose I could take my laptop to the library, hang with the med students. I dunno.

thank GOD it's friday. i'll have to be in the lab over the weekend, but at least I get more stuff done when no one is around!

also...just thought of something...I really kind of liked working late, the lab was pretty much empty...except for Brenda. we could talk to each other and get stuff done at the same time, and it was FUN! I MISS BRENDA!

Brenda reads here sometimes - she's the one who just moved to Boston. Brenda just got some REALLY GOOD NEWS! Fanstastic WONDERFUL NEWS!

(no, she's not pregnant...at least I haven't heard anything...)

I can't really write the whole story out, because I haven't been given permission, and I wouldn't ask that of her because it's a really painful and very private story. BUT after months of stressing out, and dealing with INCOMPETENT BUREAUCRACY, and PILES OF SHIT TO WADE THROUGH..and the BIGGEST ASSHAT HITLERESQUE WOMAN IN THE WORLD...they made it!

The people who were causing them the most problems are still trying to cling to a shred of power over the situation, but there's NOTHING that they can do to stop it. So...CONGRATULATIONS, BRENDA AND RYAN! I knew everything would work out for the best! *BIG BONE CRUSHING BEAR HUGS!*