Saturday, July 30, 2005

in need of some technical assistance 

I have an annoying computer problem and I can't seem to find a solution on my own via google, so I'm throwing this out to blogland to see if anyone has any ideas.

Last week I was browsing and clicked on a link. The link opened as a weirdo pop-up - it shrunk my browser down to pop-up size. I resized and went about my business.

But now, anything I open that is a pop-up - like haloscan comments, opens in a shrunken version. It's too narrow, and I have to resize to read comments - ANYONE'S comments.

I have cleared my history, cashe, and cookies.

I have done number spyware and virus scans.

I have gone into MY haloscan setting and played around with the pop up sizes.

Nothing works. I am ANNOYED AS HELL.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE does anyone have a solution for me???


My IKEA catalogue came in the mail. I annoyed Kev by rubbing it all over my body and moaning in extasy. IKEEEEEEEEA!!! OH!! OH!!! IKEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!


It's extra dangerous this year, because ATLANTA NOW HAS AN IKEA!!! I haven't been yet, because apparently the novelty hasn't completely worn off and I want to avoid the riots.