Wednesday, July 20, 2005

attention alien beings: 

yesterday after work, I went to Curves. the music is better now. the "theme" this week (at this new place, every week there are "themes," and there are contests and fun facts about those "themes") is money management. according to the calendar, next week's theme is panic disorder. A workout AND an education!

then I went to the international farmer's market, where among other things, I bought lots of garlic, both peach AND passionfruit nectars, good olive oil, and a really soft creamy bleu cheese from denmark.

Instead of cooking anything gourmet with my purchases, I made meatball sandwiches - with frozen meatballs. In a jarred sauce (which, in all fairness, I did add sauteed onion, garlic, and green peppers to). The provalone I melted on top was from the farmer's market, though.
And I made a salad. Hey, not EVERY day is 5 star food! And those frozen meatballs are DAMNED GOOD!

Then I watched nothing on tv with Kev, until he got bored and left to play his game.
No sex, but I'm hopeful for tonight.
Chatted with some friends. stayed up too late. Fell asleep fretting about stupid supreme court nominee, and what I would do if my reproductive rights were taken away, and I accidentally got pregnant. We would be screwed. Bastards.

I really REALLY need to clean my place. But there is still a shopsmith across from my kitchen, and a rocking chair in the middle of my living room. This makes cleaning difficult.

So ultimately my life has been boring this week. NOT WORTHY OF AN ALIEN ABDUCTION, IN CASE ANYONE OUT..."THERE" IS LISTENING!!!

I'll try to be funny or something later. In the meantime, check out google moon. keep zooming in until you get all the way. This has entertained me today, which is good because I have to play with radioactivity today, and I HATE it.

I have been feeling blah lately - this has been going around blogville it seems. So today, my dear loyal readers, I beg of you to entertain me. Jokes, limericks, short stories, naughty tales...ANYTHING. Either in comments or email. Lurkers welcome. PLEASE! I NEED SOMETHING TO GET ME OUT OF THIS FUNK!