Wednesday, July 13, 2005

...and they're rolling rolling rolling... 

Boy, everybody sure likes trucks! Maybe when I get a real job someday...

But what I REALLY want is this. *droooool*

as for now, I'll have to be happy with my ZX2. It's funny, when I was driving around with a big ass dent and a scratched up bumper, I was all "eh...who cares. I'll park as close as I want, drive as fast as I want...my car is GHETTO NOW!"

but now that my car is pretty again...HEY YOU! STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR! DON'T DRIVE SO CLOSE!

my car is pretty!

weighing in

I had my first weigh-in at curves yesterday. You do this every month, and it's been a month since I joined.

I didn't plan this well AT ALL! I haven't been able to get to curves for 2 weeks (the week before vacation I went once..and then was too busy trying to make arrangements for my car and the rental truck and packing...ack!). AND I just had a very calorie intensive week. It was my VACATION, DAMMIT! MORE CHEESECAKE!

So what were the results:

well...I gained a pound. EEP! But ONLY a pound. After the food fest of the past week, I'm actually shocked. Plus, the Curves lady assured me that if I had weighed myself that morning, that pound wouldn't be there - I had already eaten two meals that day. Whew! So we're going to call total poundage even.

The GOOD news is that I lost a pound of total body fat - which means I gained a pound of muscle. yay!

The WEIRD news is that in total measurement, I lost 12 inches. That off chest, belly, hips, right arm, right thigh. I'm not sure I believe it. I think she measured my hips wrong - I HAVE no hips, therefore they are difficult to measure, and I think she was down too low. And since I didn't lose any weight, where did those inches go? My ankles?

But I'll take it.

AND I can now transfer to a closer Curves, so I don't have to fight perimeter traffic driving my ass to Norcross 3 times a week!

just so you know

I'm going to Target today to buy floss. Just floss.