Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ya HUMP! 

Adventures in getting to work

This morning I was pretty distracted...and late...getting to work. Therefore I wasn't really concentrating all that hard while driving.

So I didn't see the obvious, not-even-trying-to-hide cop with the big radar gun until it was I was almost passing him. I was going 50. In a 35.


The look on my face must have been pretty comical, though, because all the cop did was laugh, shake a finger at me disapprovingly, and point to the radar detector. He wasn't even trying to hide, so it must have been pretty funny to him that I was speeding past him.

I laughed with him, pointed to my head and made a helpless gesture...more out of the utter absurdity of the situation than relief. I hit my brakes to slow down, and continued on my way.


Then I was behind a woman with a vanity plate. MORFR8.


more freight? morf rate? more fright?

very confusing.

Equality and good movie lines

I was reading Bacon Strips the other day, and one of the guys did a post on his Top 20 Movie Quotes. They were all good, mostly expected, but disturbingly...all by male characters.

I made the comment that there were no women characters represented, and he replied that he couldn't think of any good lines by women characters.


Well, there are certainly FAMOUS lines uttered by female characters - "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr DeMille," etc, etc.

but were there any like those he had posted? That were cleverly funny, or expressed anger and rage, summed up in just a single sentence?


No doubt my friends out there can come up with some, but last night it struck me. One of my favorite lines, spoken in my absolute favorite movie. I'm cheating somewhat, in that orginally it was a play, not a movie. But back then, there WERE no movies, plays were movies. So I maintain that it counts.

I included several lines, to give the context, but I've bolded the best one - and yes, technically two sentences are bolded...but it's all part of the same "phrase"

Is he not approved in the height a villain, that
hath slandered, scorned, dishonoured my kinswoman? O
that I were a man! What, bear her in hand until they
come to take hands; and then, with public
accusation, uncovered slander, unmitigated rancour,--
O God, that I were a man! I would eat his heart
in the market-place.

awesome. Rage, anger, dispair...all there. So that's my vote for best movie quote by a female character. Anyone have any additions?

God I love that movie. And I will always hear those words in my head as spoken by Emma Thompson.

I think I need to watch it again. It's been awhile. I'll do it while Kev's playing his Unreal, since it's such a chick flick, and I have a tendencey to mouth all the lines to myself.


Flying Spaghetti Monster theory of creationism

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