Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tittilating Tuesday 

Raw Monotany

Yet another conversation while watching wrestling (aka "wraslin'" )

Me: That's how they ALL end

Kev: What?

Me: Then all end the same. That guy is winning, then the other guy, then the first guy pulls himself up and he's winning...and just as he's about to win, someone else entirely jumps into the ring and kicks his ass. they're ALL the same.

Kev: no they're not!


Kev: ... dammit!

much tickling and our own kind of wrestling ensues. yay!

Ebay power

My phone thong finally came in today. It is SOOO CUTE! Oh YEAH you want one! Don't even be TELLING me that you don't!

And I got it for $7 (including shipping). OH YEAH! WHO'S YOUR HERO???

Yeah, that's what I THOUGHT you said!

Layout musings

I've noticed that I'm doing a lot of these posts broken up into little sections. I could just post each one individually, a la Dan Tobin. But whenever I bury a post, everyone stops commenting on it. Doesn't seem to be a problem on his site....but then he uses a lot smaller font than I do, so maybe that's the key. If I made my font smaller, then more small posts would appear on the screen at once.

Then old people wouldn't be able to read my blog, because the type would be too small for them. And I really don't want to descriminate against old people, even if, as far as I know, no really old people (I'm talking 60+) read my site.

Maybe Dan Tobin hates old people? Bwahahahaha! (sorry Dan, you know I love your site!)

Doesn't matter anyway, because I can start one of these posts with something very poignant, something I feel will really spark conversation. and then at the very end mention something very trivial, like how much I really like pie. Then 90% of my comments will be about pie.

So not complaining! But still...it's very strange.

Let's get physical!

So if I can get out of the lab at a decent time (blogging not helping with this), and then fight traffic up to Norcross, I'm going to be joining Curves. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Curves is a women-only excercise/workout facility. From what I've read, it's just what I'm looking for. No thinking about which workout I should be doing, or waiting in a line for the bikes...everything is set up in an order, and everyone rotates and certain timepoints (I believe). Today I will sign up, and be evaluated according to my fitness needs. I will probably set off some kind of alarm as soon as I step in - WHOOOOP WHOOOOP WHOOOOP! FAT GIRL ALERT! WHOOOOP WHOOOOP WHOOOOOOP!

We get a discount through Kev's job. he's joining Gold's Gym. I have to do the Curves in Norcross for a month, and then I can move my membership somewhere closer to home.

I hope I can keep it up. They recommend 3 times a week. I can handle that....I think.

fun with food

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