Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Super amazing ability to grow her fingernails 

I have to use some equipment that in a lab on the 4th floor whenever I work with radioactivity. Because the radiation safety department (theoretically) keeps track of all radioactivity (yeah yeah, in my case it's radiolabeled dCTP, not generic "radioactivity). So anyway, when I use the equipment upstairs, I have to take our liquid radioactivity waste jug up with me. It sits in a big plexiglass retangular cube, with "RADIOACTIVE" stickers all over it.

I thouroughly enjoy riding in the elevator with my cart of radioactive waste when there's other people in their with me. I love it. Lots of double takes, and slight edging over to the far end of the elevator.

It's SAFE, people! Do you not SEE THE PLEXIGLASS CUBE???

Still...it makes me giggle in a very evil and not nice way.

I'm thinking about next time telling them that if they were to drink the jug, they'd get SUPERPOWERS!!! Bwaaahahahahhaaaa!!!

ps: I tried to find a picture of Meg with the long fingernails, but can you believe it? I COULDN'T! I have lost faith in google. But...I did find this. Awesome.