Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Diet by sacrifice 

So I just baked and tried the No Pudge Chocolate Brownies. This is a brownie mix that you just add yogurt to, and then bake, and...THEY'RE FAT FREE! The box claims that the brownies are thick and fudgy, just like regular brownies.

Well, we'll see about that.

I'm somewhat cheating, in that I didn't have any fat free yogurt on hand. Just regular...and also plain, so I have to add some vanilla extract, which the directions say to do if you don't have vanilla yogurt.

Also, I HAVE to have chocolate chips in my brownies. Have to. Yes, I know...BAD ESC BAD! But I didn't add as many as I usually do.

So...what do I think...

MMF! mmmmfmmfmmfmmfff. fmmmmfMMMmfffmm mfmfff fmmfd!


so No Pudge Brownies get the ESC seal of approval.