Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How about whackin' 'em on the head with it? 

<----begin politically incorrect rant here----!>

We're watching The Daily Show (possibly a repeat), and they're talking about that STUPID "flushing the Koran" story...again!

Kev: who gives a rats ASS about this anymore?

Me: you know, the insurgents over there have tortured and beheaded plenty of americans. So I don't care if they shove the Koran up a HOOKER'S ASS and THEN LIGHT IT ON FIRE!!!

(no offense to hookers)

I am so sick of hearing about this story. Yeah, Newsweek screwed up and didn't check their source as well as they should. But gee...didn't the Bush administration start a FUCKING WAR because oh well, gee golly, we were misinformed about WMDs...whoops! our bad!

And, even if they were flushing Korans on a daily basis...seriously, do you think terrorists haven't burned Bibles? American flags? ACTUAL PEOPLE? THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT STONE THEIR WOMEN WHO ACCENDENTALLY SHOW ANKLE! I don't really care anymore WHAT they did at that so-called 'detainment' center. Flushing the Koran seems pretty mild compared to what I'D like to do to some of those people!

(and I'm NOT talking about all muslims, so don't be getting all indignant on me. I'm talking about cold-blooded, overly religious, self-righteous, over-zealous assholes. And I feel the same way about certain Americans, too! So SAVE IT, BUDDY!)

<----this is the end of the politically incorrect rant---!>