Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fictional Scenerio for the certain asshats who commented on my last post 

"Hello sir, welcome to HolierThanThou pharmacy! How can I help you?"

"I need this prescription filled, please."

"Let's see....hmmmm....uh oh"


"Well, sir, you see the pharmaceutical company that manufactures this product does some animal testing."


"Welllll...I think animal testing is wrong. So I'm not going to fill your prescription, because that would be SUPPORTING testing on animals."


"Sorry sir."

"But the next closest pharmacy that takes my insurance is 20 miles down the road."

"Again, sorry sir."

"Goddammit. Fine. Give me my prescription back."

"Oh no sir, I can't do that."


"Well, you would just fill it somewhere else. And that would STILL be supporting animal testing."

"But....but it's after 5! And it's Friday! I won't be able to get my doctor to write another one until Monday!!!"

"Not my problem, sir."

"But...I NEED those pills!! They're for my heart! I had a heart attack a few months ago!!"

"Well, maybe you should cut back on the bacon, there, sir."