Friday, March 04, 2005

Why am I blogging... 

when I SHOULD be finishing my fluctuation???

This is a good one, too. I'm looking for differences between orientations. I didn't see one without the Dox in the media...which is kind of a bummer, but also kind of interesting. Now I'm trying it WITH Dox (low transcription) to see if I see anything.

I know, I know...that means NOTHING TO YOU PEOPLE!!! I just wanted to blog about something sciencey...it's been awhile.

Once I'm done with the fluctuation and finish up a few minor things, I'm heading home early (WHOOPEEEE!!!) to clean up the condo (ohh...crap) because I have bloggers coming to visit (WHOOOPPEEEEEEEE!!!!) whom I will have to entertain for the weekend while simultaneously trying to convince them that I know all the hot places to go in Atlanta, when in reality I only know where I can get a good big burrito and rent movies (loser!).

rant of the day: Why do I even watch the Today show any more? how many times can I stare at a live shot of Martha Stewarts mansion in NY? Am I supposed to feel PITY for her because she's under house arrest? pul-LEASE people! She can only leave for 48 hours a week, plus grocery shopping and doctor's appointments. I don't spend more than 48 hours a week outside my house! And that INCLUDES grocery shopping!