Friday, March 18, 2005

Poster child 

So did I mention that I'm presenting a poster at a conference here in atlanta this weekend? And that in all the craziness of being sick and getting ready for my committee meeting, I've had to come up with a poster from scratch? Well, not from scratch, I stole the figures from my committee meeting talk, I just had to adjust the colors.

What do you think?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

With pertanent information goodness removed to protect my innocence and to keep genetics stalker groupies away.

Now imagine it printed out on huge 3x4 foot glossy paper. Ahhh...awesome.

So instead of relaxing this weekend, I will be at a conference all day saturday, and all morning sunday. What kind of crappy atheist scientists schedules a conference for Palm Sunday??? That's one of my favorite services, too. you get to wave the palms around, and sing very peppy Hosanna! songs. Also, my choir director isn't happy. Oh well...

Next weekend...yes NEXT WEEKEND I am doing NOTHING except lay around and eat chocolate eggs and jelly beans. I am SICK of these weekends of running around like crazy...I'M BEING REPRESSED BY "THE MAN." Although who "the man" is, I'm not exactly sure. But I'll tell you one thing, HE'S BEEN REPRESSING ME LIKE HELL for the past two months!