Friday, February 11, 2005

like prarie dogs 

My lab bench is one of several that are in a direct line with the entranceway to the lab-o-plex (we have the "open lab design" here: three labs with no walls to separate us). Those of us that have a good view of the door will instinctively look over whenever anyone enters the lab. We can't help it. I've fought it, and lost. Innate curiosity? Fear? Boredom?

*door click*



one person in the lab complained that we always looked disappointed when she walked in, like we were expecting someone more exciting to walk through the door. Like Santa. That would be pretty cool, though. Especially now, 'cause you don't expect to see Santa in February.

I expect the look we all have when the door opens is the same look that my dog has when I walk in the general vicinity of the kitchen. Is it something good? Exciting? For me??? Normally no, but maybe, just maybe THIS time it will be different! Maybe this time it will be....FOOD! FOR ME!!!