Sunday, February 13, 2005

Holy Shit! 

so I was casually and narcissistically checking my blogpatrol stats, curious about who's been visiting this weekend. More and more I've been getting random google searches with search terms that don't show up on Blogpatrol. However, Statcounter (yes, I have two stat trackers on my site, shut up) lists these as image searches for Bondage Chicken. Hooray! I'm #1 and #2 for google image searches for Bondage Chicken!

Why are there so many people out there searching for Bondage chicken, is what I want to know. I'll bet they are soooooo disappointed when they find me!

ANYWAY, that's not my point. My point is that while perusing the list of referring pages, I notice that several people came over from www.erosblog.com, a website that I have been enjoying for a good long time now, ever since I started blogging, really. And have had linked in my "wish I were as cool as" section. I consider it one of those "too cool for me" sex-type blogs, like Mistress Matisse (another fascinating read. I'm not, nor will I likely ever be, anywhere NEAR that hardcore, but I love reading about it!). I have never left a comment, that I can remember anyway. But I love reading the highlights of the kink blogs, articles about how the government has tried and failed to interfere with porn and kink, entertaining pictures, and various and fun sounding exploits of the contributers.

Anyway, my point is....they linked me. Holy shit, they linked me.

Whoa. I'm linked on erosblog. I am so not worthy. Guess this means I will HAVE to publish that anal sex post I've been mentally working on for months. Sorry Kev.

"Kev! I'm linked on Erosblog!"

"is that good!"


"that's cool."

pft! he so doesn't understand.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if this schoolgirlish dorky gushing gets me booted OFF the list, but I really just couldn't hold that in.