Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ice Ice Baby! 

This will in no way impress those who've been inundated with snow recently.

BUT Atlanta is completely covered in a pretty good layer of ice. It was predicted, so no one is surprised, but I'm sure there's not a drop of milk or crumb of bread to be found at any grocery store!

Here's some pics I took this morning...

view from the front door

Ice tree

little icicles hanging from the decking.

I sent Kev out with Sadie to get the mail. Brrrr....well....I sure as hell wasn't going out there!

hey sweetie! Is it cold out there??

smile and say hi!

Oh, he IS the best boyfriend ever!

Me? Well, it's after 5, and I'm still in my warm snuggly PJ's and robe and slippers. I've done nothing of use, except clean the kitchen and finally put in place the changes I made to Aimee's template.

Oh, and make smoothies. With yogurt.