Saturday, December 25, 2004

On christmas day in the moooorning! 

Christmas eve:

The morning was spent trying to figure out 1. where we were going to go out to eat, 2. which movie to see, and 3. was my brother going to grace us with his presence?

1. cheesecake factory
2. meet the fokkers
3. yes, amazingly enough

Then I stayed up late...AGAIN! loading another anti-spyware program on my parently computer. the night before I loaded and ran spybot search and destroy, finding some NASTY buggers and deleting them. last night I ran lavasoft's adaware, and deleted 115 evildoers. Now I get to try to explain to my father that he's going to have to keep updating and running these programs ever couple of weeks (if not EVERY week) OR use Firefox instead of explorer. I would prefer the firefox option, but I think it frightens and intimidates them. However, I am pining away for my RSS bookmarks. WHO HAS POSTED NEW STUFF??? I HAVE NO IDEA!

Christmas day:

This morning I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping until 10 while my parents puttered around downstairs. I managed to get my brother (who spent the night here! truly it is a christmas miracle!) awake and out of bed on the first try. So we could get down the business of opening presents.

Mom really liked her salwar kameez! hooray! she hasn't tried it on yet. when she does, I'll take a picture and post it, so you all can see how pretty it is. Dad liked his lazer tools, and took a few minutes informing us how far things were from where he was sitting.

"that angel is 20 feet away."

"that's great, dad"


yes I AM!

shut UP!

got some nice clothes, too. and they all FIT, which is even better. Here's a conversation with my mother, through the door as she's taking a bath.

"mom, I tried on everything, and it all fits"

"oh, good!"

"and these black jeans are bootylicious"


"umm...I don't...is that good?"

"yes mom!"

Later we picked up grandpa from the home, and I drove to pick up my grandmother, who made lots of baked goodies for us. We had a yummy dinner with a honeybaked ham (LOVE those!) and then all collapsed in the living room for a nap.

Truly a great christmas. Some sadness to see grandpa looking so frail and distant. But I'll post more about that later. For now, I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas! Hope Santa brought you all you deserve! ;)