Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm a survivor! 

Yeah, I'm still here. My seminar was today, so I spent most of the day STRESSING!

"but ESC! you're a 6th year graduate student! Why are you stressing over a simple 25 minute presentation?"

Well, normally, I don't. You have to understand that generally by the time you get to your 6th year, you can do these presentations in your sleep. Most, if not all the talks I've given were done by cutting and pasting previous presentations about my project. I could talk about my old project in my sleep.

But I wasn't talking about my old project. My old project was done. This was all new stuff. SO new, that I had NEVER TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE! NO, NOT EVEN AT A LAB MEETING! So I had to come up with all new background slides, decide the best way to present the data, and make it all come together in a coherent story.

It was not fun.

And no matter HOW well prepared I am, the asshole (who's on my committee, by the way) will pick out some obscure point, and ask a question that really isn't a question, but gives him an excuse to ramble on for five minutes on whatever bullshit idea pops into his brain - in SPITE of the fact that he told me ahead of time that I need to end on time because he had to leave at 4:30. Asshat.

So afterwards, I calmed myself down with a trip to the International Farmers' market, to pick up lady fingers and marscapone for the tiramisu I'm making for our lab christmas party tomorrow night. Oh, and I managed to buy $65 worth of other stuff, too. Why do I always DO that?

And BBQ braised chicken thighs with rice for dinner. Mmmmmmmm