Saturday, October 09, 2004

Welcome Google searches for "it's good to be in DC" 

Yes, there's the link on my sidebar. Under the "I'm being amused by" heading. Welcome to my blog, such as it is. I hope that after you enjoy jibjab's hilarious new animation, that you'll come back and browse around for awhile. Try my other links, read about my life, and click on my friends' pages.

I have no idea why google doesn't direct you all to jibjab.com. And I haven't even found my way to this site from the google search. I must be on page 20, or something. Silly Google.

But thank you for driving up my stats and making me feel popular, even if it's due to the immense popularity of another site.

Kind of like when I comment at Dooce.com. A big happy welcome to the Doocers, as well.

Happy Saturday to the regulars. I'm hosting a movie night tonight with some friends. If all goes to plan, we'll be watching:

I'll give a full review tomorrow.