Tuesday, October 26, 2004

ATTENTION: georgia voters 

GEORGIA REPUBLICANS:what are you so worked up about? Relaaaaax. Georgia is a red state! Don't you notice? Every time they show that red and blue map on the news, Georgia is ALWAYS red. No one is even TALKING about Georgia! Of COURSE Georgia will go for Bush. In fact, I wouldn't even worry about it. Don't you have something to do next tuesday? Little Bubba Jr's got soccer practice, doesn't he? And you have to get over to Save Rite to pick up some fat back on sale, right? So if you don't make it to vote, it's no big deal, right? Georgia will go for Bush with or without your vote. Stay home, and take a niiiiiice relaxing bath......

(OK, I think I've got them lulled into complacency.)

pssssst!!!! Georgia Democrats!!! I know you're out there! I see many many Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers around! So, at least in atlanta, our numbers are strong. Here's the plan: GO VOTE!!! Don't vote early, then they might catch on to us. Hopefully, most of them will be so sure of a republican lock for GA, they won't even show up to vote. That's where we have to show our numbers! Most of us are in the cities, anway. And atlanta's the biggest city in GA, right? Hopefully, Athens will go our way, too. That leaves us Macon and Savannah to contend with. Pft! Nothing. Are we gonna let MACON push us around? No Way!

So remember, VOTE! Let's pull a fast one on the republicans. Please!!!!

What? Oh, nothing. Nothing. Just talking to myself. Go back to your hot bath. Relaaaaaxxxx.....you're feeling sooooo sleeeppppyyyy....(don't vote).