Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vacation update 4: big sandwiches and too much italian food 

Today was supposed to be a pretty lazy day. We slept in a little. My mom left for work at 10, so Kev and I were alone to grab a little somethin' somethin' ;)

We were on our own for lunch, and he wanted something with a little local flavor. Where else could be go but Primanti Bros? Where they pile your sandwich high with meat, cole slaw, and french fries. Don't dare ask for it on the side. Oh no. They'll kick your ass for that.

Mom got off at 3. We left Kev watching Kill Bill and headed to South Hills Village, which is a little nicer than the ghetto-fab Century III mall that's closer. Picked up a few things, but we had to rush back, as we were meeting the great aunt and uncle for dinner. Plus we still had to get Sadie over to the kennel. We're leaving for Ohio bright and early tomorrow. Poor Sadie! Sleeping in a cold hard kennel cage! Surrounded by HUGE ASS great danes! The woman who runs the kennel is also a great dane breeder.

We met the great aunt and uncle at Chicanti's, which is a nice family owned restaurant. Mmmmmm....I had veal with peppers, olives, and artichokes. I normally don't eat veal (poor baby cows, and all) but OH MY GOD was this stuff good! For dessert, tirimasu, because GODDAMMIT they put nuts on the cannolis. Communists.

So we're leaving for Cedar Point tomorrow. I won't have access to a computer, of course, so I will be blogless! Of course, I'll still have audioblogger, but I won't be able to read about what's going on with the blog-o-sphere! Sad evilsciencechick. Please feel pity for me as I ride the many fabulous attractions at the world's largest amusement park.

I'll be back saturday night! SMOOCH!