Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It's fun to work in science! 

I had to do some template tweaking, as my sidebar looked a little screwy in Firefox. It looks OK now that I'm at work and back to IE, but let me know if there's anything drastically wrong.

The first email I read this morning as I casually sipped coffee and debated which wedding dress I should vote for on the today show, was from my boss, telling me that she' s been asked to review a paper that pretty much scoops my newest project. GAAAAH!

(that means that they did pretty much what I was planning to do, and got the answer before I could. bleah!)

I got another cup of coffee and ate two rows of squares off my chocolate bar (cadbury's dairy milk. best chocolate bar ever.) The breakfast of champions.

Boss lady still feels I can continue my project, as they have likely used a plasmid assay system and mine is integrated.

(that means...never mind, would take too long to explain).

Also, they generally use direct repeats for recombination, where we use inverted repeats.

(ditto above)

So while they got the answer we were expecting, I can mostly continue with my new project, as it is just barely different enough to be worth it. Also, now I have to review this paper, as boss lady doesn't have the time. My first paper review - ack! I'm not all that great at reading other people's data critically. That's why I generally do PNAS papers for journal club, because they're crappy in a very obvious way, so they're easy to read critically.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Apologies to anyone who's published in PNAS. I'm sure YOUR paper is wonderful and not full of glossed over explanations, "data not shown's," and obvious hand wavings.

Anyway, not the greatest way to start your morning. Welcome to Wednesday, your project is redundant.