Friday, August 27, 2004


Kevin, Sadie, and I are heading to Pittsburgh, bright and early tomorrow morning. We're driving 12 hours! Eh, not so bad. I've done it before.

My parents have a nice computer and a cable modem, so I'll be able to blog for the first half of the week. Thursday morning, my parents, Kevin and I will be traveling to Sandusky, Ohio, to spend a few days at the World's Largest Amusement Park - Cedar Point!

I wasn't sure my mom still wanted to go, but it seems she does. It will do us all good to get away for a little while, I think.

So probably no blogging while we're there...unless my cell phone gets a signal. Then...Audioblog! Hooray!

And hopefully I will be able to post happy, cheerful thoughts for awhile. It felt good to get all that out of my system about grandma. But it's time to move forward. We're stopping to see my grandpa on the way to Ohio on Thursday. He'll have been on his own for a few days, and my mom wants to make sure he's doing OK.

Vaca checklist:

car cleaned out of all offensive dog hair and sprayed liberally with febreeze - check!
dog bathed and excess offensive dog hair removed - check
suitcase packed - sort of...waiting for my underwear to dry...waited too long to do laundry
condo cleaned - yeah...right
mom's birthday present packed - check
dvd's borrowed from dad at easter - check
goodies from the farmers market to give to family - check
leaving behind my sanity, as I will lose it anyway after a week with my family - check

i think that covers everything! see you in pittsburgh!