Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sunday update 

My one cleaning accomplishment today:

There used to be nice outdoor carpeting on my balcony. There a unit above me, so the ceiling of my balcony is her deck. Water would run right through. So not long after I moved in, my dad and my brother put up a Fiberglas panel ceiling, with nice cedar trim, designed so that water would run off the front, not down. So I could sit out during thunderstorms (mmmm...nice). But our buildings were recently painted. We were warned that the prep work would involved taking down these Fiberglas panels. What we were not told was that they would THROW THEM AWAY! Fuckers. So my outdoor carpeting got gross and moldy. And everything you see there was, until today, sitting in my sunroom. So today K and I moved it all out and got it cleaned up. Nice, huh? Of course, that's all we've done. I have a clean kitchen, and a clean balcony. Who wants to buy my place?

I'm ready for margaritas!

My new best friends (in no particular order):


Hononable mention to Sloth, who kept her comments going all weekend.

did i miss anyone?

Thanks for keeping my weekend not boring :)