Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My turn...where's the herd? Baaah! 

Well, the roast is in, the black lace thigh-highs are bought, and Kevin is napping to "rest up" for later.

While I think I've given everyone a little TMI (especially today!) I'm going to do my best to come up with one of those list thingies. Aimee told me to.

1. My mother was raised Catholic, my dad presbyterian. I think the only reason us kids were raised presbyterian was that there was a church within walking distance of our house. And the only reason my parents made us go was so that could get a few hours of alone time without 3 kids bugging them.

2. I was borderline "annoying christian" through high school. I got a grip in college.

3. My first real drink (aside from the occasional sip of wine at christmas) wasn't until I was a sophomore in college. It was a "fuzzy screwdriver" (orange juice, vodka, peach schnapps). I had one and was tipsy for the rest of the night. Once I realized it wasn't so bad, there was no stopping me.

4. I attempted to pledge a sorority (sorry, a "women's fraternity") in college, but dropped out when the girls got all bitchy on me. Didn't need that shit!

5. I am severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts in a life threatening kind of way. The life threatening part is pretty new. Most of my life all I would do is get sick to my stomach if I ate one. A few years ago the reaction hit me so strong I ended up in the hospital. Now I have to carry around not one, but TWO epi pens in case I accidentally eat something with nuts in it.

6. I'm also allergic to bivalves (clams, oyesters, mussels and scallops) in a less severe kind of way. (two hours after I eat them I end up sick to my stomach...for the rest of the night)

7. it's because of my food allergies that I'm afraid to travel to exotic countries where I don't speak the language.

8. I moved to atlanta 5 years ago by myself not knowing a single soul. My friends thought I was brave. I thought of it as running away.

9. I didn't have sex until I was 23 years old.

10. I have since made up for lost time.

11. I like sex a little rough. Really! I love it when Kevin bites my neck and scratches my back hard. I may be the only person over the age of 15 who still gets (and gives) hickies. people in the lab don't even comment any more.

12. I don't own any porno movies, but I check out gorillalinks.com alot. It's free. I won't pay for internet porn! I will occasionally tape a late night HBO movie, but like sloth said, there's too much fast forwarding involved. And they don't show much.

13. I own one vibrator. Kevin bought it for me - it's purple! I keep hinting that I'd like to go shopping with him for more toys. Maybe this weekend...

14. Sometimes after multiple orgasms, I cry. Not a little - a lot. Heaving hiccuping sobs where I can't even catch my breath.

15. I have extremely sensitive nipples, and I've been told that this is very rare for a large breasted woman. I once thought about breast reduction surgery, but decided against it, since loss of sensation in the nipples is a possible side effect.

16. I'm DD-DDD, depending on the bra.

17. I don't think I'm cut out for the swinging lifestyle, but sometimes...just SOMETIMES...the thought of a threesome intrigues me.

18. when I first heard about the concept of a blog a while back, I went on a tyrrade about what a stupid concept it was. It was just a way for over-opinionated people to feel important.

19. Kevin never fails to bring this up whenever I say "oooo...I should post (whatever) on my blog"

and finally...

20. Starting my blog(s) has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have met the most WONDERFUL people here, and even if I never meet any of you in person, you are all my friends :)