Tuesday, August 03, 2004

...and what about Fastball??? 

New Subject!

Recently, The Cure did a concert here in Atlanta. Really. I was surprised they were still together, too. Robert Smith did an interview for the local alternative radio station, 99X. Leading up to this momentous event, 99X upped the play time for The Cure songs. That’s fine, it was a highly promoted event. The concert was…last week, I think. But, the thing is…they’re still playing songs by The Cure!!! Prior to last week I could count on one hand the number of times they’ve played “Friday I’m in Love”

So why does the major suck up to The Cure-fest continue! It’s getting depressing! If they start to play Depeche Mode I will no longer be able to fight the urge to cover all my windows with dark fabric, dye my hair black, and write really really bad poetry about death and how much my parents suck.

I have reached the age where very little new music interests me. I no longer have the energy to jump on a bandwagon. I am officially OLD. I…I watch VH1. (sob!)

And I have a confession to make: I HATE Outkast. Hate it. Hate his songs, hate his clothes, hate everything. I have beat my previous record for “fastest radio station switch” for Jessica Simpson’s “take my breath away” by at least 1 second. Everybody LOVES Outkast. Not me. I am not cool.

I have never been cool, musically. Until I got to college and joined a cult…I mean BMG... my CD collection consisted mostly of musical soundtracks (yeah, Les Mis rocks the hizz-owse!)

But I’ve got my taste in music pretty down now, I found my niche in college. Too late. I am too old for today’s popular radio stations, and too young for the oldies stations. Even the 80’s station here went under and switched to an all talk format. I will have to wait another 10 years, before a radio station is dedicated to my music tastes, if ever. 99X recently started advertising that they play alternative music from the 90’s and today, which apparently means that now they play “smells like teen spirit” three times a day instead of twice.

I’m going to be one of those annoying old people who complain in a high, reedy voice: “what ever happened to Greenday? Why don’t they play Greenday anymore? And what about Cake?”

aside random note: there should be a band called “ice cream” and they could tour with Cake! …I’m SUCH a dork…

Not that all new music is sucking. I am enjoying the Modest Mouse CD (somewhat of a bandwagon jump, I know, but that song is so infectious! And the video with all the sheep! Hehe!). And the new Blink 182 is OK. The last concert I saw was Barenaked Ladies – best live show EVER!

Sigh…fading into obscurity…poor me.